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Big News for 2019!

In 2018 we had 100 acres committed and it was very gratifying to see all 100 acres sponsored. Our directors and supporters have stepped it up and are committing 275 acres for the coming season! We hope that our 2018 sponsors will once again support us.

We have six different fields in the Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta area.  Partner with us and become a “Virtual Farmer”. We will do all the work to raise the crop and harvest it, and you don’t even have to get your hands dirty! We will then sell the crop and forward the proceeds to the Canadian Foodgrains Bank

Please spread the word with friends, family, and c0-workers. Help the Grow Hope movement catch fire so we can make impact more lives!

Many hands make light work. Lend us a hand!


For $300 you can sponsor an acre and help change lives around the world.

It works like this:

You sponsor us for $300 per acre  (or $150 for a half acre, or $75 for a quarter of an acre).

Let’s say we make $400 per acre in crop sales. We will send that money to CFGB and will get a minimum 3:1 grant (or $1200 per acre) from the Government of Canada. Your $300 donation has grown to  $1600 in crop sales and grants! If we can sponsor 150 acres we can generate $240,000 of life changing assistance.

Just like the crop, your donation can really grow!

Visit the Gallery  page to view updates.

This project is administered by MCC Canada

a member of the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

Tax receipts will be issued by MCC Canada


Donate by Cheque: 

Mail cheque made out to "MCC Canada"
Address: MCC Alberta

210, 2946 - 32 St NE

Calgary, AB T1Y 6J7


Memo: Share The Harvest - Grow Hope Project